Our Story

Our Vision

To become a trusted global leader in lock design, providing security one person at a time.

Our Story

We started out with a desk and file cabinet.  That was over 40 years ago in our Hong Kong office.   It’s a family business, and when we decided to immigrate to the US in the 1990s, we brought Nu-Set to Los Angeles, but maintained our close ties to our business partners in Hong Kong and China.  These long-term partners are the basis of our Nu-Set family today, with a staff that has grown along with our Nu-Set campus based in El Monte, California.  We not only have our offices, but distribution warehouses in both El Monte and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and even a showroom equipped with ice-cold sodas and snacks for local visitors!   And our business has grown to the point of our need to establish a network of logistic points and authorized distribution offices so we can extend our services to our international customers.

How We Do Business

We figured out a long time ago that we needed to evolve with changing market trends.  That’s why we’re global leaders in customized lock solutions to fit each customer’s needs, from large multi-location companies to corner store owners.   Steered by three generations of creative minds, we strive for lasting business partnerships and treasure quality over quantity.

However, we steadfastly adhere to our ‘customer first’ principle.    We treat customers equally attentively, whether they are nationwide corporations or individual users.  Our prized customer service team always makes sure customers’ questions and concerns are answered within 24 hours.

We design, assemble and test all of our brand name products in the United States to ensure our customers enjoy the best quality products and services. Our latest project has been to expand our service to new customers internationally. Based on customers’ feedback, we are taking customized gadgets that most American people find useful, to overseas markets.  Our goal is to play an active role in promoting American exports to individuals living in other countries.


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