Smart-Box Bluetooth


NU-SET Smart-Box Bluetooh Lock Box is a realtors favorite

How Does it work?


Frequently Asked Questions:

Connection problems: Nu-Set app can’t open the door.

  1. Be sure that there is signal coming from the phone and Lockbox unit – hold a phone up to the door when you press the ‘open’ button.
  2. Check that you have access to the Lockbox. Select the ‘Access’ in app, to see where you have access to

Connection problems: I cannot press ‘unlock’ button in the app.

If you have no active keys, then the button in the app will be “transparent” and therefore cannot be pressed. Contact the owner of the lockbox and check if the key is still active.

Nu-Set Lockbox: What batteries should I use?

Nu-Set uses four lithium AA batteries – they can be bought in supermarkets, convenience stores etc.

iOS: How can I send keys to other person?

  1. Select the ‘keys’ menu in the top left corner.
  2. Press the ‘+’ symbol in the upper right corner.
  3. Select the person you want to send a key from your phonebook.
  4. Press ‘send’.

iOS: How long does it take before application logout?

You are logged in, until the phone is restarted.

I’ve lost my phone and can’t remove an access

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